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About us

Welcome to our website, where you will be able to find the most exclusive type art. There is sure to be something exciting and vibrant to catch your eye. We are Judith Abikhzer and Diana Guy. We started ARTS BY JDM due to an abundance of creativity flowing through our veins and needing a place to channel our artistic ingenuity. We, ARTS BY JDM, specialize in acrylic pours on a variety of different substrates. From wall art to functional hostess and kitchen accessories and even tabletops. We even create special, limited edition gifts for special occasions throughout the year (be sure to check out the items in our special occassions section). Creating art was an excellent outlet for us to relieve ourselves from stress and the complexities that plague everyday life. This outlet has turned into our passion. The creative process for us begins with the choice of colors for each piece. We use glimmery, shimmery colors that twinkle in the light, whether bold or soft. This is the best part, because each time we create, we get an exclusive pattern, each more beautiful than the next. Whether bold and bright or soft and sexy. Yah….art can be sexy! Each finished piece has a piece of our heart in it, created with love and a passion for what we do. 

Creating unique, one of a kind pieces for our friends and family led to commissions from people adoring our artwork. We started out by word of mouth from people close to us and our circle grew. We began attending arts and craft shows to reach even more people. Our unique style was new and different than what is usually found at these fairs and shows. Our art was a hit! 

Our goal with starting this company was a place to channel our visions. What we consider functional art to share with everyone. Each piece is unique. Each piece, one of a kind. As they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, you can be sure that each piece will invoke imagination and conversation in everyone admiring your artwork. You could consider our art conversation starters. And to top it off, how exciting to have something that is truly a ONE OF A KIND work of art. With any piece purchased from us, we can guarantee that there is no other exactly like it. Browse through our galleries and you will see beautiful works of art that can beautify any room with its glorious selection and arrangement of colors. Whatever your color palette choice is, we have it. If we don’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we can create a custom work of art in the colors of your choice. We are so happy you stopped by our website and are taking the time to find out who we are and what we are about. We look forward to you proudly displaying our dazzling works of art.

Judy and Diana